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Our studio space is located at the beautiful Tekarra Lodge. We are provided with a preferred rate on accommodations for any or all weeks attended. We require that people coming to the Retreat make their booking with Tekarra Lodge to ensure the continued use of the studio space.

Click here to access the Tekarra Lodge website.

If you go to the Tekarra Lodge Link above, please do not use the “Reservation” phone number on their website. We have a different phone number and booking procedure for all Retreats. The number you will be using is 1-800-709-1827.

Tekarra Lodge is a rustic collection of rooms and cabins varying from a 1-bed suite to a 2 bedroom cabin. (Have a look at their website.) It is located just 1.7 km from Jasper and easily within walking distance to the Jasper town-site. All cabins are supplied with everything you need to stay for a week, including kitchen facilities: you just have to bring your own food. There are also BBQs provided upon request. Each cabin has a spacious deck with chairs provided and is a great place to relax after painting each day.

There are rooms for rent in the Lodge above the Restaurant (just down the hall from the studio space). These rooms do not have cooking facilities, but Tekarra Lodge provides a full complimentary breakfast in their restaurant for anyone staying in these rooms. The restaurant offers fabulous food that will satisfy the most discerning palette. Each meal is an experience and the atmosphere is second to none.

There are no television sets, but Wireless Internet service is provided.

To enable us to continue our Retreats at Tekarra Lodge, the executive has made the decision that from now on, all new Attendees to the Retreat are required to stay at the Lodge.  The reason for this is that if we don’t have enough cabins rented during the Retreat, Tekarra will no longer allow us to hold our Retreats there.  All past participants will be grandfathered in at their own desired lodgings.

Also…Tekarra Lodge is requiring us to book our cabins significantly in advance of the Retreats.  For the May Retreat this year, we are required to book by April 1, 2018.
For the 1st September Retreat, we are required to book by July 15, 2018.  For the 2nd September week, please book by April 30th (for this year only).  If we don’t get enough people book by this date, Tekarra will be cancelling this 2nd week.

If you book for the Retreats by these dates,  you will get the discounted rate.  Unfortunately, if you miss this timeline, you will not get the discounted rate. (The reason for all of this is that Tekarra Lodge is now busier than ever before. With so many more people booking in September than they ever used to have, they don’t seem to have any problem filling their rooms anymore.)

When booking your cabin or room you need to call 1-800-709-1827.  (October through April.)  This is the only number that Tekarra tells us to use.   When you call this number, then you have to quote new Group Codes that you are required to use to get the discounted rate.  Even if you call Tekarra Lodge directly (May through September) when they are open, you still need to quote the Group Codes for the Retreat.  The direct Hotel Number is  780-852-3058.

For the May Retreat the Group Code is #ATL-GFC592.
For the two September Retreats the Group Code is #ATL-GFC953.

When you call the 1-800 number,  one of the Agents will quote various cabins available and you can choose whatever suits your needs.  (Remember, that if you can gather 2-3 people to come, it is always a lot more economical to share a cabin.) Tekarra Lodge does have a cancellation policy for those people who don’t show up after booking.  Please ask Tekarra what this policy is when you book with them.

Although pets are accepted at Tekarra, we would ask that no animals be brought up to the studio or out on location. Some people might be allergic to dogs or cats, and on location they might attract wild animals and/or disturb the peace and serenity that we all enjoy when painting outside. Thank you.

Many of us book WELL in advance (sometimes up to one year), so please keep this in mind if there is a specific cabin you might desire.  In the past, participants have shared a cabin to make the week more affordable, which again has made their experience richer.

When you register, if you are looking to share accommodations, please mention it to Sam Wilson and she can help you.

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